To keep it short, I am Kiwi Pies; a very creative, yet goofy gal who absolutely LOVES to paint, dance, draw, take photos, learn, explore and experiment. 

I'm Kiera & strangely enough, I've had a nickname before I was even born. 

You can call me Kiwi. 

I have been painting since I was 18 months old. I am and always have been extremely passionate about creating. Before I even chose to go to school for a fine arts degree, I was already selling paintings. As of May 2015, I graduated from MCTC with an A.F.A. (Visual Arts) Degree! Over the last 4 years now, it's safe to say I have shown and sold my work at over 40 different events, concerts and galleries. Whether I am painting live or just displaying my art, I always have an amazing time. I have been selling my work for about 5 years now, and It's not just paintings. I have sold my artwork locally in the Twin Cities as well as out of Minnesota and even out of the United States!!! 

Simply, my goal is to create, to share my love for art and to inspire others!